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Rock 'n' Roll all the way

The music starts & the beat goes on.

With over 2 decades of song & entertainment behind me, the passion, voice, & the moves have grown with each show.

  1. With a proven track record i am blessed to be regarded as one of the hardest working tribute artists in Rock n Roll. My voice has been my key, likened to everyone from Elvis, Roy Orbison, Billy Fury, Dean Martin to name a few. My faithful & dignified songs are as close to the original records as possible. Careful attention has been given to using the finest backing tracks, up to date PA systems, & fancy lighting

  2. My band 'The Weekend Offenders' are a true rock n roll band playing as close to the original songs we all love so dear


  4. As a member of the Musicians Union, you can be rest assured that you are also hiring a singer with full Liability Insurance. All electrical equipment is PAT tested, Certificates provided on request

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